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The reason why you must choose a local wedding planner

Are you looking for a plan for having a wedding in Italy but you don’t know what to do? The result is to feel discouraged and lost in million of locations, suppliers and people which will let you feel confused. The real solution is hire a wedding planner in Italy! Woooh!!   Here’s some instructions! …


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About invitations

Invitations for the Wedding , according to the etiquette , are the responsability of the bride’s family. alwaysaccording to the etiquette , must be sent at least 30 days before wedding.For the writing it has to be preferred an italic font. Furthermore, they must also communicate the tone of the ceremony : casual or elegant.


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Wedding Timeline

Hi there, ready for new season, but already at work for the next… PLEASE READ Our timeline , hoping can help you with the organization  of your wedding , as follows:   1 year before; 6 months before; 3 Months before; 1 week before; 1 day before; !!!WEDDING DAY!!!   What to do 1 year …


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Wedding favors……ideas

Goodmorning , for those who want to get merry in Amalfi Coast and still don’t know what kind of favors for their guests have to do, I can suggest a simple but memorable thing, very very related with the Amalfi coast flavours. As many knows Amalfi Coast, is very famous for their lemon trees. Especially …


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Amalfi Coast Wedding Planner

HI there, just to remind you that  the Amalfi Coast is the perfect setting for your Wedding. Here you can find lots of venues suited to your needs. Luxury villas, enchanting castles, vintage buildings,  boutique hotels are all waiting for you!!! The beauty of the sea and sky are the perfect scenary for your wedding. …


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Apulia Wedding

Dear friends, today I’m going to talk why couple have to choose Apulia for the special day. Of course is just my opinion , but please have a look.   Choose the same places could be granted and tiring and sometime expensive. I’ll try to expose my idea of the beautiful Region of Apulia.  


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The Perfect Wedding Planner

The Perfect Wedding Planner really exists! He is the person that not only manage to make everything perfect , but it gets excited while he work for you. Of course it’s a job , but belogs to the work category that you can choose. And you choose it just for passion.   What do you …


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I want to wish you a merry XMAS from the bottom of my heart! Declare to love someone at Christmas time , it is the most magical thing in the world. Is there anyone who did receive the engagement Ring as XMAS present? If you are thinking about wedding abroad , Italy and especially the Amalfi Coast , …


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A new amazing adventure

  Wow… I’m so happy because I’m writing my first blog article for my new website


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Amalfi Coast new wedding tendence

The pleasure of spending your day surrounded by high quality services guiding you to make the best suited to your needs.


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