Are you looking for a plan for having a wedding in Italy but you don’t know what to do?

The result is to feel discouraged and lost in million of locations, suppliers and people which will let you feel confused. The real solution is hire a wedding planner in Italy! Woooh!!


Here’s some instructions!

The Advantage of a Wedding Planner Based at Your Wedding Destination

  • There’s no guesswork involved when it comes to choosing wedding vendors at your destination because an experienced planner will already have a list for you to choose from when you’re booking your music, photography, catering, etc.

  • You’ll pay for a lot less for planning time with an event coordinator who regularly works with your destination. There’s no research required, unless you’ve found something new you want her to check out in person for you.

  • Local wedding planners know the best attractions, activities, and accommodations to recommend to your wedding guests. Unless an out-of-town planner has spent significant time and planned several weddings at a destination, there’s no possible way she’ll have the same sort of inside track.

  • A planner who works most of the time where you’re getting married will have access to discounts on products and services that an out-of-town wedding planner will not.

  • Because they’ve probably planned multiple events at your specific venue, they know from experience all the potential bugaboos of the property. They know where you can, and where you cannot, hang Chinese lanterns, for example. They’ll be able to take one look at the “inspiration pics” you’ve sent them via Pinterest and tell you if what you have in mind is even possible at your venue. In the Caribbean, for example, most venues are made of concrete or stucco, and you cannot nail anything into the facade to anchor your decor. Unless you have a tent, there’s nothing to hook the Chinese lanterns on to suspend them over your dinner tables or dance floor.

  • Wedding planners experienced with your destination know all the ins and outs of securing permits to get married on a particular beach, the rules of having a bonfire, and how to go about getting permission for a ceremony at a history landmark like a fort or a lighthouse. While an out-of-town planner can certainly do the research and figure these things out (assuming she speaks the local language), she’s going to spend a lot of your time and money getting the answers to those questions.


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