Wedding favors... ideas

.Some ideas for a a simple but memorable wedding favors

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Wedding favors……ideas

Goodmorning ,

for those who want to get merry in Amalfi Coast and still don’t know what kind of favors for their guests have to do, I can suggest a simple but memorable thing, very very related with the Amalfi coast flavours.

As many knows Amalfi Coast, is very famous for their lemon trees. Especially for a kind of Lemon that is possible to find just here: Sfusato Amalfitano. The name means because the shape is long and it’s very rich in essential oil and very good for health.

Someone can think  that I want to promote the classic bottle of Limoncello , that is always very well appreciated , but is not this.

One of the most beautiful thing that you can give to your guests, is a couple of hours spent in a very beautiful and country local lemon farm where you can see the cultivation and process of the GOLD of Amalfi Coast : the Lemon.

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